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Indoor Air Quality
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01. HVAC Cleaning
02. Carpet Cleaning
03. Power Washing
TexBreeze offers cleaning services for air ducts and dryer vents, as well as other products and services designed to improve your indoor air quality.
Over time, air ducts accumulate a variety of contaminants, including dust, dirt, pest waste, pollen and mold spores. When your HVAC unit turns on, the heated or cooled air flows through your air ducts, picking up these contaminants. As your climate controlled air exits your vents, these contaminants become airborne where they can be inhaled or sucked back through your system. If they are inhaled, the occupants of your home or business may experience an increase in sinus congestion and allergy symptoms. When they flow back through your HVAC unit, they are caught in the filter. If there are an excessive number of particles, they can clog your filter, which reduces your HVAC unit's efficiency.
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Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Increase Airflow Through Your Ducts
Extend Your HVAC System's Expected Lifespan
Reduce Indoor Allergens
Air Duct Hvac TX Dryer Vent
Increase Heating and Cooling Efficiency
Reduce Filter Clogs

It keeps your home safe

Dryer vent

Possible Dirty Dryer Vent Problems Include:

  • Wear and Tear
    A Dryer taking twice as long to dry clothes will cut its lifetime in half and lead to expensive repairs.
  • Appliance Efficiency
    A dirty vent waste energy, time, and money. Because the dryer will run longer than necessary.
  • Carbon Monoxide
    Gas dryers that are not exhausting correctly can cause carbon monoxide back up into the home.
  • Obstructions
    We have found nesting, dryer sheets, and pieces of clothes; along with lint so thick it blocks the vent.
  • Fire and Property Damage
    Your dryer and/or vent can ignite as a result of overheating and over worked safety controls.

Chimney sweep

Possible Problems Include

  • Creosote
    Smoke goes up your chimney and creosote clings to the walls. It is highly flammable and causes chimney fires.
  • Obstructions
    Bird nesting, debris, leaves, and excessive creosote will create a blockage, causing your chimney to back smoke.
  • Chimney Odors
    A dirty chimney combined with rain and humidity can leave an undesirable odor.
  • Deterioration
    Loose bricks, large cracks, and holes can be symptomatic of major problems and the integrity of the fireplace.
  • No Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor
    Without protection, it is an open hole to the environment.
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No partial cleaning
  • Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Package - $350
    • All supply vents serviced
    • Full-home, 3-point HVAC inspection
    • Filter check
    • Mold inspection
    • One return vent
    • One main duct
    Technician cleans system using latest technologies to ensure that all dust and debris is removed.

    You will also get:
    • Dryer unit and dryer vent inspection
    • Pest guard cleaning
    • Air flow effective test
    • Dryer line cleaning for up to 6 feet
  • Air Duct Cleaning Package - $300

    • All supply vents serviced
    • Full-home, 3-point HVAC inspection
    • Filter check
    • Mold inspection
    • One return vent
    • One main duct
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Package - $100

    • Dryer unit and dryer vent inspection
    • Pest guard cleaning
    • Air flow effective test
    • Dryer line cleaning for up to 6 feet
  • Chimney cleaning package - $120

    • Fireplace inspection
    • Drafting test
    • Cresol buildup inspection
    • Chimney sweep for up to 10 feet
    Technician cleans chimney using rotary brush and powerful vacuum systems to ensure that creosote and debris is removed.

Carpet cleaning

You probably already vacuum your carpet regularly to keep it clean and looking fresh. But regular vacuuming isn't enough to keep your carpet clean. As you walk on your carpets throughout the day, dirt, stains and odors are being ground into the fibers of your carpet. This will result in your carpet looking old before it's time and possibly even voiding the warranty. That's why experts recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.

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We understand that you shouldn't trust your home to just any company. That's why we're one of the most educated, experienced, and caring companies around. We've developed our own cleaning process that meets or exceeds every industry standard, and we guarantee our work 100%.

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Carpet 5 Room
Package includes:
  • Professional Carpet cleaning of 5 room/500 sq minimum


From the wild and into our homes, pets of various kinds have become domesticated members of our family. Our pets, our perpetual children, love us unconditionally. That is why it is simply amazing when you can meet the eyes of your beloved pet and think... you pooped in the house again!? Yes, that is right pet parents, we has heard your pleas and we are pleased to inform you that we are now offering a full pet package designed to restore your carpet back to days when they still belonged to you.
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Our exclusive pet cleaning package includes various cleaning techniques specially designed to extract current pet allergens and fleas/ticks, enzyme treatments to rid your carpet of urine appearance and odor, and carpet deodorization to eliminate your carpet of pet dander and any remaining scents which might attract or harm your pet.

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Pet stain removal
Package includes:
Pet stain removal treatment for three areas
We has lots of upholstery cleaning resolutions for you. We will refresh your upholstered furniture and quickly take years off of their appearance. We have thoroughly trained our cleaning technicians to know how to clean a variety of types of upholstery fabrics. We won't treat your linen in the same way we treat suede. We don't have a one cleaning method fits all mentality.
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We know that many of our customers are concerned about the environment. They ask us if our upholstery cleaning methods are environmentally friendly for their family and their pets. Our answer is yes, our products protect your wellbeing. We don't allow any unnecessary chemical to be released into the environment. Our green-cleaning products improve indoor air quality and also reduce allergic symptoms against two huge allergen factors in the home, that of dust mites and animal dander. The microscopic particles penetrate the upholstery fabrics, damaging the fibers. Professional furniture cleaning services like ours understand that different upholstery materials in your home have varying tolerances that require specific cleaning techniques.

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Package includes:
  • Your upholstery cleaning package for one section includes: cleaning of one section of your couch/sofa (1 seat cushion and 1 back cushion)
Power washing services

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Power Washing Pressure Washing Clean TX
Remember that beautiful shine your home had when you first moved in? Sparkly entry. Shiny driveway. A glow so bright it lit up the whole neighborhood?
Our professional power washing services can restore your home’s siding, deck, driveway or other outdoor surfaces to their original glory.

How it works

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    Book Your Service Online or by Phone
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    We’ll Complete Your Service in One Detailed Visit
  • Step 3
    Enjoy Having the Shiniest Home on the Block!
No partial cleaning
Up to 1000 sq feet property/ one side vertical exterior power washing
Up to 1500 sq feet property/one side vertical exterior power washing
Up to 2500 sq feet property/one side vertical exterior power washing
Patio power washing up to 100 sq
Driveway power washing up to 150 sq
Front porch, sideways, walkways power washing up to 100 sq
Disinfecting and Sanitation services
Disinfecting and sanitation 250
Package includes:
  • for Residential or Commercial Areas 250 Square Feet
  • We will always be on time.
  • We will provide you with honest and straight forward pricing.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed – 100%!
  • We will treat you with a level of respect and expertise
  • Your air ducts or carpets will receive a thorough cleaning by fully trained technicians.
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